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- Screen Shots -

Below you see some screens created by the lcdproc client program (version 0.5.3). They were taken with a digital camera. We just ran the software, and snapped shots of the display when it was showing the different screens.

LCDd (the server program) cycles through these screens. The display duration can be configured and screens are ordered by priority.

From version 0.3.4 on, LCDproc provides a "heartbeat" on all screens. This sits in the top-right corner, and "beats" every second, providing quick visual feedback if you just want to check that your system is still running.

If you want some other layout or want to display other info, you can write your own client. Before you start working on one right now, first have a look at the clients page. Maybe someone already wrote what you want!

- CPU Load Displays System CPU Utilization -
[CPU Load] The CPU Utilization screen displays the system's current CPU utilization. These values are the normal values reported by Linux. The percentage in the title bar is the sum of all non-idle cycles, and the bar graph at the bottom of the display reflects this percentage.
- Memory Usage Displays System Memory Utilization -
[Memory Usage] The Memory Utilization screen displays the system's memory utilization. It includes physical RAM as well as swap space (this conbines ALL swap partitions/files). This should be fairly self-explanatory.
- Filesystem Usage Displays Filesystem Utilization -
[Filesystem Usage] This screen identifies and lists all mounted partitions and displays their mountpoint, capacity, and used space. If more than three filesystems are mounted, this screen will scroll through them all.
- System Load Provides System Load History -
[System load] The System Load screen looks rather like xload. The numbers on the right provide the scale being used. On the screen shot at left, the top value is 1, so the highest value the bars could reflect is 1. Hopefully this is pretty straightforward, too.
- Time Screen Displays OS/Kernel/Uptime/Date/Time/%Idle -
[ Date + Time] This screen displays the system's uptime, the system's concept of the current time and date, the system's OS, the kernel version, and the current amount of time spent idling.
- Top Size Top memory consuming processes -
[Memory Size] This screen shows the five processes consuming the most memory and the memory the actually use. An most displays only three are shown at the same time and therefore the list scrolls up and down.
- Interface Show my traffic -
[Interface speed] This screen shows the upload and download speed on a network interface set in the config. Up to three interfaces can be configured. The speed value automatically scales to kilo/mega/giga (theoretically) and can be set to either show bits/s or bytes/s.
- Big Clock The time -
[Bigclock] On drivers that support the big numbers and on displays that have at least two lines this screen show nothing but the current time in large digits.
- Menu The LCDproc menu -

From 0.4 on LCDproc has a menu. It is built into the server and you can pop it up with a keystroke on an active driver. This picture shows the top level of the menu.

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